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Framework Ventures


Framework Ventures is a thesis-driven venture firm that builds alongside our founders. As of April 2022, the team of Framework has 22 people and has managed around $1.4 billion in assets. The latest Phase III Fund is mainly used to invest in early-stage blockchain gaming, Web3, and DeFi startups and networks. Framework Labs, an affiliate of Framework, has spent the last three years building alongside founders, running nodes, participating in on-chain governance, building tools, staking, and more, to help protocols reach their goals, foster their communities, decentralize, and thrive. Framework's strategy is to take a long-term, decade-long approach to investing, and the firm has structured its funds in a manner similar to the traditional venture model. The firm also generally takes a low quantity and high conviction approach to investing, and, historically, has led around 80% of the major funding rounds in which it participates.

Investment Map

Investment Size


Apr 20, 2022
$400 M
May 14, 2021
$100 M


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