I am an official staff member of the project. How can I change and maintain project information?

Currently, we do not support project representatives claiming their home pages. You can submit the information you need to modify through the “Feedback” on the project page or by sending an email.

How long does it take to process a new project submission or feedback?

We check for new projects and feedback daily and process them based on importance and quality. Most feedback will be processed within 3 days, but some feedback that requires more observation may take longer.

How long does it take for a Basic API application to be approved?

It usually takes 3-10 days. Once approved, we will notify you by email.

Why are some investors listed on the projects' Fundraising part but not found in the 'Rounds' section?

We list investors based on various sources, not just specific funding announcements. This includes information from the investor's and project's official websites, such as the investor's portfolio page. Sometimes, project financing details like timing, amount, or rounds might not be available. In these cases, we record the investor relationship even if it does not appear under the 'Rounds' section.

Why are some investors grayed out in the 'Fundraising' section and unclickable?

These investors are not very active in the crypto market and have made few investments, so they are not yet included in our database. We regularly check the activity of these investors and add the active ones to our database.

Why can some projects see a list of 𝕏 followers and mutual followers, while others cannot?

We have categorized projects differently. Higher-priority projects will have their following lists fetched, while lower-priority projects will only display followers without fetching the following lists.

How are the 𝕏 Influence Index and Hot Index calculated?

The Influence Index is calculated by weighting the number of top followers and the overall followers on X. The Hot Index is calculated by weighting the number of new top followers and all new followers. During ranking calculations, people, investors, and projects are calculated separately.

What is the frequency of updates for X-related data?

Every 2-3 days.

How is the Hot Projects List calculated?

The Hot Projects List is determined by weighted calculations of search volume, click-through rate, and favorites on the platform. It updates in real-time without human intervention. However, projects suspected of manipulating data may be taken down.

What are the ways to earn points and what are they used for?

You can earn more points by following projects, submitting feedback, submitting projects, and creating high-quality archives. Points will be used in the future to exchange for platform benefits and NFTs.

For other questions, feel free to contact us by email: