About RootData

1. What is Rootdata?

Rootdata is a visual and structured crypto projects data provider, offering crypto investors fundraising data with more transaction clues, and is committed to becoming a data entry for discovering high-quality crypto assets.

The main functions of Rootdata include: comprehensively understanding the fundraising, team, news and other information of the projects; refining projects screening dimension based on blockchains and tags; reviewing the investment projects and preferences of various venture capital institutions; visualizing display of crypto industry fundraising trends and so on.

2. Why we founded Rootdata?

In the past cycle, the amount of funds and assets in the crypto industry has shown an explosive growth trend. However, most people only care about the results, and Rootdata concerns more about about how people, funds and assets are related and changed in the process of crypto innovation. Rootdata will use data to present the reasons and try to find the rules of crypto's innovation and wealth creation.

The main team members of RootData have nearly 5 years of experience in the crypto industry and have been focusing on news reports and industry research. They have accumulated a lot of experience in information collection and induction, industry analysis and research. Therefore, we decided to build RootData in May 2022 to contribute a more professional and systematic database to the crypto industry.

3. How does Rootdata ensure data reliability?

More than 95% of Rootdata's information is carefully sorted out by team professionals based on sources such as the project's official website and credible reports, and has been processed by de-PR and suspicious data tagging to strive for data accuracy and reliability.

Rootdata has set up a dedicated feedback channel for users to submit queries and update content. In the face of massive project dynamics, we will further optimize the user-side content collaboration and community incentive mechanism to achieve industry co-BUIDL.