Making Crypto Investing Easier

A More Structured and Trustworthy Crypto Data Layer

On-Chain Tracker

Real-time tracking of the address dynamics of entities on the chain, covering tens of thousands of addresses including exchanges, VCs, individuals, and project treasuries. This service provides a higher level of on-chain readability by linking on-chain and off-chain data.


Comprehensive Insight into Project and Organization On/Off Chain Data

Gain a comprehensive overview of project and institutional development through our structured, graphical interface. This includes insights into investments, team dynamics, news, token fluctuations, similar projects, and more, effectively improving the efficiency of information mining and investment decision-making.

Coin flow
Capital flow

Crypto Market Financing Trends

We provide access to a vast array of investment and financing data in the Crypto industry, spanning a period of over 10 years. This enables you to explore recent financing projects, identify the most active investors, and understand the overall investment and financing trends. Such comprehensive data empowers you to catch market signals in advance and make informed decisions.

Any questions or suggestions?

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