Terms & Conditions

  • Last updated: October 26, 2022
  • Effective date: October 26, 2022
  • I. Acceptance of Terms

    1. Once the user clicks the consent registration button on the RootData registration page and completes the registration process and obtains the RootData account and password, it is considered that the user and RootData have reached the “ RootData User Agreement”.
    1. RootData hereby especially reminds that users who want to use RootData services must carefully read all the terms of this Agreement in advance, especially all the terms of this Agreement that exempt, mitigate or restrict RootData 's liabilitiesand all the terms that contain restrictions on users' rights.
    1. Users’ acts of downloading, registering, logging in, using and connecting to RootData 's services will be regarded as users’ full understanding, acceptance and agreement to comply with all the contents under this Agreement. This Agreement can be modified by RootData unilaterally at any time, and the modified terms of the Agreement will replace the original terms of the Agreement once RootData publishes it, constituting the entire and latest agreement between the User and RootData on the subject matter of this Agreement. The User may review the latest terms and conditions of the Agreement at any time on the RootData website or in the RootData application. If users do not accept RootData 's revised and updated terms and conditions, they shall stop using RootData 's services immediately. If users choose to continue to use RootData services, they are deemed to fully understand, accept and agree to comply with the latest terms and conditions of RootData 's revised agreement.
    1. The user hereby declares that he/she has fully understood the content of this Agreement without any gross misunderstanding; at the same time, he/she recognizes that there is no unfairness in the content of this Agreement.

    II. User Information Terms

    1. User personal information. User personal information includes the following information: user name, occupation, profile, email address, and IP address.
    1. Non-user personal information. The user's operation status, use records, use habits of RootData services and all other recorded information reflected on the server of RootData , and all other information outside the scope of the User Personal Information mentioned in paragraph 1 of this article are all ordinary information, and are not the user's personal information.
    1. Information recorded on third-party platforms. Users who sign up for, log in and use RootData services through third-party platform accounts such as Twitter accounts and Google accounts (hereinafter referred to as “third-party platforms”) will be deemed to fully understand, agree and accept that RootData has used their information in a number of ways, including but not limited to collection, statistic gathering, and analysis (hereinafter referred to as "third-party platforms"). All the information filled in, registered, published and recorded on the third-party platforms such as Sina Weibo and WeChat (hereinafter referred to as “Information recorded on third-party platform”). Once a user registers, logs in and uses RootData services with a third-party platform account, any use of the information recorded by RootData on such third-party platforms shall be deemed to have been fully agreed and accepted by the user.
    1. Important Note: In order to provide RootData services to customers, RootData may reasonably use user personal information, non-user personal information and information recorded on third-party platforms (hereinafter collectively referred to as “User Information”). Once users register, log in and use RootData services, they will be deemed to fully understand, agree and accept RootData 's reasonable use of user information by means including but not limited to collection, statistic gathering, analysis and use.
    1. The purpose, method and scope of using the user personal information. Users promise that they fully understand that RootData uses user information for the purpose of providing better services to users; RootData uses user information in ways including but not limited to: collection, statistic gathering, analysis, use for commercial purposes, etc.; RootData 's scope of using user information includes but not limited to: user personal information as defined in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of this article, non-user personal information, information recorded on third-party platforms, etc.
    1. Channels for users to inquire, correct and add information. Users can inquire, correct and add the user information authorized to RootData service through the relevant functions in RootData services.
    1. Methods and consequences for users to refuse to provide information. Users can stop providing user information to RootData by stopping the use of RootData services. However, RootData will not be responsible for the deletion and destruction of user information that the user previously agreed to RootData 's use. If the user refuses to provide the user information, RootData can stop providing the services at any time.
    1. Clarity of user authorization. The user's registration, login, and use of RootData services are considered as consenting to RootData 's collection and use of their necessary registration information, such as registered email address and registered cell phone number, and RootData 's use of user information does not require payment to users.
    1. RootData promises that RootData respects the legal rights of authorizer i.e. users and the free choice of users, and will not collect or use user information in a way that violates laws, administrative regulations and the agreements of this Agreement.
    1. RootData shall not be liable for any damages to any third party arising from the user’s improper use of the services on this website or transactions based on the information on this website.

    III. RootData Service Use Rules

    1. The user fully understands and agrees that the user is fully and independently legally responsible for all acts of registering, logging in and using RootData services with his/her account, including all user information he/she provides to RootData , and all acts and events performed with his/her RootData service account.
    1. Users agree to strictly abide by the following rules in the process of using RootData services.
      1. (1) Comply with local laws, regulations, administrative rules and normative documents;
      2. (2) Comply with all RootData 's agreements, regulations, procedures, notices, codes of use, and other documents related to RootData 's services.
      3. (3) The RootData service shall not be used for any illegal or criminal purposes.
      4. (4) Shall not use RootData services in any form to violate the legal rights of RootData .
      5. (5) Shall not use RootData services to perform any acts that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet
      6. (6) Shall not use the services provided by RootData to upload, display or transmit any false, harassing, defamatory, racially discriminatory, abusive, threatening, erotic or any other illegal information materials.
      7. (7) Shall not infringe on in any way the patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights entitled to any other person in accordance with the law, the reputation rights of third parties or the legitimate rights and interests of any other third party.
      8. (8) Guarantee that the content of the relevant information displayed on RootData services, including but not limited to the content in the preceding article II. User Information Terms, does not violate the relevant laws and regulations and does not infringe the legal rights of third parties.
    1. RootData has the right to review and supervise the user’s use of RootData services. If the user violates any of the aforementioned agreements when using RootData services, RootData has the right to request the user to correct or directly and unilaterally take all necessary measures to eliminate or mitigate any impact of the user’s misconduct on RootData , third parties, Internet services or social and public interests. RootData will not notify the user in any way before, during or after the completion of the aforementioned operations.
    1. While using RootData 's services, users agree to accept the various types of information released, pushed and provided by RootData .
    1. The user agrees that RootData has the right to change, suspend or terminate part or all of the RootData services at any time, RootData does not need to notify the user in this regard, and RootData does not assume any responsibility for the user or any third party as a result.

    IV. Disclaimer of Information Disclosure

    1. RootData will use user information in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and industry norms, and will not disclose user personal information or user personal communication information that can personally identify the user to any unrelated third party, except in one of the following cases.
    2. having obtained prior clear authorization from the user.
    3. For the purpose of safeguard the legitimate interests of the public as well as RootData .
    4. RootData may cooperate with third parties to provide users with relevant network services, in which case, if the third party agrees to assume the same responsibility as the user privacy protection clause agreed in this Agreement, RootData has the right to provide user information to such third parties without obtaining separate consent from users.
    5. In accordance with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
    6. In accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities and judicial organs.
  • The User fully understands and agrees that RootData shall not be liable for any disclosure of the User’s information to any third party in the event of any one or more of the above circumstances.
  • V. Intellectual Property

    1. “Intellectual Property Rights” refers to all kinds of intellectual property rights related to RootData services that have been valid in the past, are currently valid, or to be established, including but not limited to patents for inventions, trademarks, copyrights, utility models, designs, layout designs, trade secrets, other intellectual property rights and the rights of related applications.
    1. RootData is the owner of all intellectual property rights related to RootData services, and enjoys and retains complete and independent rights to all intellectual property rights contained in the process of providing RootData services, including but not limited to any texts, pictures, graphics, audio and/or video materials.
    2. For RootData 's copyrighted content, without RootData 's consent, users shall not publish, display, rewrite or redistribute directly or indirectly for the purpose of displaying or publishing any materials and information that RootData has the copy rights to on any media. The aforementioned materials also shall nor be used by users for any commercial purpose; Without RootData 's written consent and permission, no one is allowed to use (including but not limited to copying, distributing, displaying, mirroring, uploading, downloading in an illegal way) or affect the normal services of RootData through unconventional ways (such as: malicious crawling, attacking, etc.), and no one is allowed to obtain RootData data automatically by software programs without permission. Otherwise, RootData will pursue legal liabilities according to law.
    1. For the sake of service and data integrity, RootData will provide some information through user contribution and third-party data cooperation, the copyright of which is owned by users and third-party, and RootData will mark and explain.
      1. (1) The copyright of the content contributed by the user on RootData (including but not limited to company, comments, person information, pictures, etc.) belongs to the user. The user can authorize RootData to use it, or authorize a third party to use it.
      2. (2) The third party data (including but not limited to news, intellectual property rights, industrial and commercial data, etc.) cited by RootData are copyrighted by the third party. If users need to use them, they need to contact the third party for authorization.
      3. (3) For information contributed by users and provided by third-party data, RootData cannot confirm the authenticity, reliability, property ownership and other attributes of the information, and you need to bear possible risks or losses for using the information, and RootData does not promise to bear joint and several liabilities. For this part of the information, users are welcome to help us make improvement, if it involves a real, reliable, intellectual property disputes please contact info@rootdata.com and we will immediately remove and deleted the information.
    1. RootData reserves the right to monitor the content of any texts, pictures, graphics, audio or video created by the user and uploaded to RootData 's website or platform in real time, and has the right to delete any content that violates the Agreement or is suspected of being illegal or in violation of the law according to RootData ’s independent judgment. RootData is not liable for any consequences or losses incurred by users as a result of the deletion of their works.
    1. These terms and conditions will continue to be effective unless agreed in writing by RootData , and will not expire when the user closes the RootData service account or stops using RootData services.

    VI. Other Disclaimers

    1. RootData provides all service information only in accordance with the status quo when such information is provided and for the user’s reference only, and RootData does not make any commitment or guarantee for the accuracy, completeness and applicability of the aforementioned information. RootData is not liable for any losses caused by any action of the user in using the information.
    1. For any losses on users or third-party platforms caused by security issues on users’ computer information and data and personal information due to force majeure or reasons that RootData can not anticipate, or can not control (including but not limited to computer viruses or hacker attacks, system instability, improper use of accounts by users, and any other technical, Internet, communication line reasons, etc.), RootData is not liable for any of the aforementioned losses.
    1. If the user uses RootData services in any way that violates laws and regulations, or this Agreement, including but not limited to logging into the website with illegal, untrue or improper content, violating any legitimate rights and interests of third parties, etc., and causes any losses to RootData or other third parties, the user agrees to bear the full liability for the resulting damages.
    1. The users fully understands and agree that in the process of using RootData services, there may be threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal contents or behaviors from any other third parties, and there may be anonymous, impostor, or forged information or behaviors that violate the rights of others (including intellectual property rights), and users shall judge the relevant contents, information, behaviors and other risks on their own. The user must judge the security and other risks of the relevant content, information and behavior, and independently bear any liability caused to RootData or third parties by the aforementioned risks.
    1. RootData and its partners make no promises or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to any and all of the content of the RootData Services. RootData shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and consequential damages arising out of the foregoing failure to make any promise or warranty.

    VII. Applicable Laws and Dispute Resolution

    1. The laws of the British Virgin Islands shall apply to the formation, entry into force, performance, interpretation and any disputes arising out of this Agreement.
    1. Any dispute between the user and RootData related to this Agreement shall first be resolved through friendly consultation, and if agreement cannot be reached through consultation within 30 days from the date of the dispute, the user hereby fully and irrevocably agrees to submit the aforementioned dispute to the court of Catcher Data Limited's domicile for litigation.

    VIII. Other Provisions

    1. If any provision of this Agreement is wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason, it shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this Agreement.
    1. The final interpretation and modification of this Agreement and any terms and conditions of this Agreement are the property of RootData . If you have any comments on RootData and the Service, please contact RootData .
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