Quickly Sell Your FTX Claims

After entering the client code, you will contact a member of our team who will assist you to complete the sale of the entire claim in as little as 3 days

Step1 Enter a unigue client Code

Tips : You can find the customer code in theemail sent by FTX

Step2 Claim inquiry

Tips : Check whether the amount of the claim is correct

Step3 Sales statement

Institutional quotation,in compliance with thesale of claims

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the customer code?

1.Log in to the FTX claims backend https://claims.ftx.com/, click "My Account" in the upper right corner of the page, you can find your unique customer code below the account ID. 2.All claim customers will receive an email around March 30, 2023, containing the unique customer code. If you can't find it, please check your spam or junk folder, or use the search function in your email to look for emails from Kroll (ftxnoticing@ra.kroll.com).

Account RelatedWhat to do if you forget or cannot receive the verification code for 2FA Google Authentication or SMS verification and cannot log in?

If you encounter login issues, it is recommended to contact FTX official support for further assistance. The official email address is: support@ftx.com.

The KYC Problem

Whether you're selling claims or waiting for official compensation, it's recommended to complete the KYC process as soon as possible. 1. If KYC cannot be passed, it usually requires supplementary asset proof documents to prove the legality of the fund source. FTX official may have sent related emails requesting supplements. Please check historical emails or spam folders, and do not click on any emails from unknown sources. 2. If KYC cannot be passed due to other reasons, you can contact official customer service: KYC-Support@ftx.com, or contact us for more assistance: help@100claims.com.

Do I need to register in the Bahamas?

If you have already submitted and passed the claim application on the FTX claims portal http://claims.ftx.com, you do not need to apply for claims at the Bahamas JOL http://digitalmarketsclaim.pwc.com The claim value, interest, and debtor KYC requirements are basically the same for both. Also note: If you choose to claim in the Bahamas, you may need to comply with additional procedures and restrictions applicable to the Bahamas. This may delay or reduce the recovery process.

What is the value of FTT?

Currently, according to pricing documents and institutional confirmation, there is no spot pricing for FTT tokens, and the FTT-PERP is priced at $1.977.

What is the transaction process?

Currently, the balance in the FTX claims backend cannot be withdrawn. Do not trust any over-the-counter transactions. All claim transfer transactions must go through the US court. After submitting preliminary information related to the claim, we will invite compliant distressed asset fund institutions to participate in quotations. If the quotation meets expectations, the transaction process begins. According to different institutional processes, it usually requires completing the acquirer's KYC process, scheduling video due diligence meetings, signing electronic contracts, and finally completing all claim transfer transactions.

What is the current value of my claim?

The customer claim value is calculated when FTX filed for bankruptcy (called the petition date). For FTX International customers (ftx.com), this date is November 11, 2022, at 10 am (US Eastern Time). For pricing documents, please refer to:https://restructuring.ra.kroll.com/FTX/Home-DownloadPDF?id1=MjYxNDg5Nw==&id2=-1 The proportion of institutional acquisitions needs to be quoted based on the specific circumstances of the claim.

What are the main factors affecting the price of claims?

Some key variables that determine the claim value include: 1.Preference window - According to bankruptcy law, if you have net withdrawals greater than $250,000 since November 2, 2022, your claim will be adjusted by 15% of the net withdrawal. 2.Claim amount - The larger the claim amount, the higher the value. From an acquisition management perspective, it takes the same amount of time to process a $100,000 claim as a $10,000,000 claim. 3.Disputed - Disputed claims mean that the estate objects to their value (or validity). Given the uncertainty of compensation, these claims may have lower value.

Is the transaction safe, and what should be noted during the transaction process?

Distressed asset transactions are very mature overseas, and the US has relatively strict regulation on such transactions. The transactions are very safe. If institutions have not paid the claim-related funds, their claim transfer applications submitted to the court cannot be approved (Transfer/Assignment of Claim), and the unbound accounts can also be retrieved. All the above information is compiled from all public channels and cannot be used as a reference for financial decisions. For questions related to transaction processes and terms, it is recommended to consult professional lawyers familiar with US bankruptcy law.