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Ryan Holloway

Data at Boost


Ryan Holloway is the data analyst at Boost and was previously the head of Governance at Messari and a RabbitHole protocol expert.

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Relevance Person

Wilson Withiam

Wilson Withiam is a partner at Syncracy Capital, a former research analyst at Messari, and a former research analyst intern at Circle Research, researching and writing in-depth reports on various crypto projects, topic insights, analyzing and curating the latest topics in the weekly crypto newsletter, and forming partnerships within the industry to help their research projects grow.

Dan McArdle

Dan McArdle is Co-founder of Messari. He has co-founded multiple companies, such as the Digital Currency Council and Volara Voice. With his background in computer science and economics, he has been investing in Bitcoin and the cryptoasset space since 2011. Dan holds a degree in computer science and economics from Brown University.

Sami Kassab

Sami Kassab is a partner at OSS Capital and was previously a Senior Research Analyst at Messari. He graduated from Arizona State University.

Ben O'Neill

Ben O'Neill works in BD and Operations at Bridge and was previously Vice President of Business Development and Operations at Messari. He previously worked at Satis Group and Uber.

Ken Yip

Ken Yip is Director of product at Messari. He graduated from Cardiff University in England.

Ryan Selkis

Ryan Selkis is the Founder & ex-CEO of Messari, and was previously an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at ConsenSys and a founding team member at the industry's most active investor, Digital Currency Group, and the largest media brand, CoinDesk. He is also working on new ventures and angel investing.

Mason Nystrom

Mason is a junior partner at Pantera Capital and was previously an Investment partner at Variant and Senior Research Analyst at Messari. Before Messari, Mason worked at ConsenSys as a Content Marketer focused on marketing strategy for ConsenSys and its portfolio companies. Mason first entered the crypto industry as an Analyst at Gatecoin, the first cryptocurrency exchange to list ether, Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency. Mason obtained his Master’s in Business Management at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Mira Christanto

Mira Christanto was previously an Investment Director at DCG, a data analyst at Messari, and a senior portfolio Manager at APG. Mira manages real estate for lease in Indonesia and an urban meditation studio to engage the community in Hong Kong. Most recently, Mira was a Senior Portfolio Manager at APG Asset Management, focused on Real Estate equity investments across Asia Pacific. Since joining APG in 2009, the fund has also grown to the largest of its kind to US$7 billion. Prior to APG, Mira worked at US$15 billion hedge fund TPG-Axon Capital Management, an affiliate of Texas Pacific Group, where she was a private and public market investor across multiple sectors and geographies. Before that, Mira was in Credit Suisse’s Investment Banking Division in the Leveraged Finance and Restructuring group in New York and worked on a variety of mergers & acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and restructuring deals. Mira received a BA in Economics and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences from Northwestern University.

Florent Moulin

Florent Moulin is Vice President of Product at Messari, having previously held positions as research Analyst, Product Manager, and Product Director. Prior to joining Messari, Florent was President of the second largest European student consulting club.

Maartje Bus

Maartje Bus is head of research at Messari and was previously Vice President of Business development at Omniex and head of Capital markets at Reuters. He graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam.