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Scott Gray

Founder at Genie


Scott Gray is the founder of Genie. After Genie was acquired by Uniswap Labs, Scott Gray took on the role of Head of NFT Product at Uniswap.

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Callil Capuozzo

Callil Capuozzo is VP Design at Uniswap & adjunct at Parsons teaching design and code. Previously at Google, Microsoft and a few other places working on new and experimental products.

Weishuai Yang

Weishuai Yang is co-founder and CTO of, having previously worked as an engineering manager at Coinbase and Uniswap. He is a graduate of Binghamton University and Zhejiang University.

Lindsay Lamont

Lindsay Lamont is the head of marketing at Uniswap Labs and was previously an angel investor and manager at Jane Capital. She graduated from Stanford University in the United States.

Sarina Siddhanti

Sarina Siddhanti is the head of Growth at Uniswap Labs and previously was the co-founder and CEO of Riya Collective. She is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ian Lapham

Ian Lapham is Engineer at Uniswap, Blockchain Engineer at John Hancock.

Noah Zinsmeister

Noah Zinsmeister is the Engineering Lead at Uniswap.

Katherine Minarik

Katherine Minarik is chief legal officer at Uniswap, and previously she was vice President of Legal at Coinbase. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Kothari Medha

Kothari Medha is responsible for wallet products at Uniswap and was previously an investment research partner at Variant and a software engineer at Celo.

Nidhi Shanbhag

Nidhi Shanbhag is the head of partnership and BD at Uniswap and has worked at KKR and Sequoia Capital. She is a graduate of IIT Bombay.

Mary Catherine (MC) Lader

Mary-Catherine (MC) Lader is the Chief Operating Officer of Uniswap Labs, a developer of foundational web3-based products and applications. She is responsible for the company's growth efforts, strategic initiatives, and operations. Prior to this, she held various leadership roles at BlackRock, including Global Head of the firm's digital sustainability business, Chief Operating Officer of the firm's digital wealth business, and leader of the firm's strategic fintech investments and blockchain activities. MC started her career as an investor in Goldman Sachs' Special Situations Group. She holds J.D. and M.B.A. degrees from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School respectively, and a B.A. from Brown University.