Kayla Phillips


Kayla Phillips is a Principal at Hivemind Capital and was previously a partner at Truffle Ventures and a venture partner at Republic. She graduated from Virginia Tech.

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Michael A. Robinson

Michael A. Robinson is the Foundation chairman of Oort and co-founder and managing partner of Aves Lair. He graduated from Virginia Tech.

Boris Revsin

Boris Revsin is a Managing Partner at Tribe Capital, leading primary and secondary investments in blockchain, fintech, and crypto. He also manages the Tribe Crypto Labs venture studio and incubator. He was the Co-Founder and Head of Republic Capital at Republic from 2019 to 2022. Prior to Republic Capital, he was a Partner at Game Theory Group.

Adam Spivack

Adam Spivack is the Co-Founder & General Partner at Truffle Ventures. Adam has been venture investing into the traditional and crypto markets since 2017 with a focus on DeFi, infrastructure, data tools, and has a passion for finding the platforms that will onboard the next 100M crypto users. Prior to joining Truffle Ventures, Adam was the Head of Liquidity for Dexterity Capital, a crypto high frequency trading firm that did over $1 trillion in trading volume in 2021. He also spent 3 years as a software VC at Comcast Ventures, where he focused on blockchain, B2B and consumer software. He holds a BA from Duke University.

Catrina Wang

Catrina Wang is an investment partner at Portal Ventures and head of Penn Blockchain's alumni network and conferences. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Zhen Cao

Zhen Cao is a partner of Republic Crypto Fund and was previously the venture partner of JLAB, the crypto fund of JD Capital.

David Malka

David Malka is the Co-Founder & General Partner at Truffle Ventures. During the founding of Yieldfarming.com in 2020, David recruited the world’s leading DeFi experts to start the first exclusive Investor Community and University dedicated to help educated investors on how to leverage this once in a lifetime opportunity. Prior to launching Yieldfarming.com and Truffle Ventures, David ran a tech-enabled real estate fund for 7 years, managing nearly half a billion dollars in the vacation rental space and exiting shortly before 2020.

Conor Patrick

Conor Patrick is a CTO at Cordial Systems and previously he was a software engineer at \n Jump Crypto. He graduated from Virginia Tech.

Jonathan Ebinger

Jonathan is a general partner of BlueRun Ventures. Over his 20 years at the firm he has led investments in Coupa Software (NASD: COUP), Kabbage (American Express), Enpocket (Nokia), as well as Jackpocket, Paystand, FreeAgent, and numerous other early stage companies. Jonathan also has 15 years of marketing and finance experience in the telecommunications industry. Jonathan was the Vice President of Marketing for Qwest Communications, and held other senior level positions at Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions and MCI Communications. In addition, Jonathan founded and successfully exited Simply Savings, Inc., an early internet shopping service. He received his M.B.A. from Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia, and holds a B.S. in Finance from Virginia Tech.

Nikhil Gopalani

Nikhil Gopalani is President and COO of RTFKT and was previously Head of Investment and BD at Republic.

Kendrick Nguyen

Kendrick Nguyen is CEO of Republic, an investment platform connecting tech startups and blockchain projects with global investors.Prior to Republic, he served as general counsel of AngelList and Fellow of Stanford University’s Center for Corporate Governance. He is a founding adviser to NOW Ventures and CoinList, an ICO platform. An immigrant fromVietnam, Kendrick has a strong interest in improving access to capital for underserved entrepreneurs in the US and beyond.