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Austin Federa

Head of Strategy at Solana


Austin Federa is director of strategy at the Solana Foundation and formerly worked at Bison Trails.


-- -- $ 9 M
Jul 09
Pre-Seed -- $ 3 M
Jul 04
Seed -- $ 5 M
May 01
Series A $ 1 B $ 50 M
Mar 11
Seed -- $ 3 M
Aug 27, 2023
Series A -- $ 10 M
Aug 11, 2022

Austin Federa | 🇺🇸

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Relevance Person

Joe Lallouz

Joe Lallouz is the Partner at Ambush Capital. He was previously the CEO and co-founder of Bison Trails, and the Head of Coinbase Cloud at Coinbase. He is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Matt Sorg

Matt Sorg is Vice President of technology at Solana and was previously a data scientist at Riot Games and co-founder of Concha Labs. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Washington.

Mara Schmiedt

Mara Schmiedt is the CEO at Alluvial and has previously worked at Coinbase and ConsenSys. He graduated from the London School of Economics.

Daniel Albert

Daniel Albert is the Executive Director of the Solana Foundation and previously served as the Head of Web Development and developer Relations at Solana. He also worked at Qualcomm Ventures. Daniel Albert graduated from the University of Tulsa.

Matty Tay

Matty Tay is co-founder of Colosseum. He was previously head of growth at Solana and has also worked at 0x and Square.

Aaron Henshaw

Aaron Henshaw is a co-founder and application engineer of Grand St., leading engineering for Maker Innovation at Etsy. He is skilled in handling back-ends and making websites look exactly like they are designed. He often brings a sense of humour to the workplace by remarking, “I don't know if I'm looking at the test build or your Illustrator file.” Aaron has brought a sense of beach chillax and warm sunshine from Miami. He is a renowned chef in the office, hosting numerous dinner feasts for friends and families. He is good at all sports except for pool (which is shocking!), and claims he could easily beat Dustin at ping pong. He is passionate about kale juice and Brooklyn Kitchen, and even the cops love his parties when they show up. Specialties: Software, Web Technologies, Mobile, Programming Languages, Economics, Social Media, Game Design, Technology, Basketball.

Alexander Kehaya

Alexander Kehaya is director of network infrastructure at Solana Foundation and host of The Index Podcast.

Elizabeth Ralston

Elizabeth Ralston is general counsel at Polymer and was previously general counsel at Turnkey and has also worked at Coinbase, Bison Trails, and BlockTower Capital. He graduated from the University of Arizona.

Haichao Zhu

Haichao Zhu is the co-founder of Rooch Network and has worked on Algorand, Solana and other projects.

Christian Kaczmarczyk

Christian Kaczmarczyk is Principal at Third Prime.