Zengyi Qin


Zengyi Qin is the co-founder at MyShell, and specializes in voice algorithm research with a PhD from MIT. He has published over 8 top-tier conference papers during his Bachelor’s degree at Tsinghua University. He also possesses expertise in robotics, computer vision, and reinforcement learning.

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Adrian Wang

Adrian Wang is the Founder and CEO of Metalpha. He is also the Chairman of the Hong Kong Sustaintech Foundation. He graduated from Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance and holds an MBA degree from the HKUST Business School.

Arun Devabhaktuni

Arun Devabhaktuni is a professional with a background in systems biology, physics, and biology. He is currently a Lead Researcher at Mirana Ventures and an Angel Investor at Valhalla Capital. He has also served as the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of ZenMaid Software. Arun has received a PhD in Systems Biology from Stanford University School of Medicine and a BS in Physics and Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dan Elitzer

Dan Elitzer is co-founder at Nascent. Previously, Dan co-founded IDEO CoLab Ventures, a crypto-focused venture firm associated with the renowned design agency, IDEO. During that time, he also helped launch YAM Finance. Dan began his career in social enterprise and microfinance, working with both domestic social impact organizations and international development agencies. Dan earned an MBA from MIT Sloan, where he co-founded the MIT Bitcoin Club and MIT FinTech Club, and a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Pomona College.

Theo Diamandis

Theo is pursuing an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science PhD at MIT, where he works on algorithms for and applications of mathematical optimization. These interests inevitably led to him being nerd sniped by Guillermo into working on crypto. When he’s not working on optimization solvers for DeFi-related applications, Theo can be found backpacking or skiing in the California Sierras.

Péter Garamvölgyi

Peter Garamvolgyi is the Lead, Protocol Engineering at Scroll and was previously an engineer at Conflux Network and president of the International Blockchain Association at Tsinghua University.

Nitya Subramanian

Nitya Subramanian is the founder of Capsule. He was the former product lead of Celo. Nitya Subramanian graduated from MIT.

Luke Li

Luke Li is the Head of Markets at Amber Group. Previously, Luke was a Credit Strat, FID Department at Morgan Stanley. Luke holds a Master's degree in Financial Engineering from the Columbia University.

Paul Grewal

Paul Grewal is Coinbase's Chief Legal Officer.

Elaine Shi

Elaine Shi is the co-founder and chief scientist of ThunderCore. She graduated with a bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University and later obtained a PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, serving as an associate professor of computer science at Cornell University.

Jia Yinghao

Jia Yinghao is a member of the iZUMi Finance team. He was previously the founder and CEO of Hash World, founder of the Tsinghua University Student Blockchain Association, and senior researcher of the North American Blockchain Association. He has been paying attention to and researching blockchain technology since 2013, and has operated Weibo and public accounts with more than tens of millions of fans.