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Trevor Koverko

Co-Founder at Polymesh


Trevor Koverko is the founder of Polymath and Sapien and co-founder of Previously, he worked in VR and was a co-founder of Digital Assets International, a private equity fund. Outside of work, he enjoys hockey, chess and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


Seed -- $ 8 M
Jul 02
-- $ 25 M $ 3.25 M
Nov 02, 2020
-- -- $ 1.6 M
Sep 09, 2015
Followers 5.87 K
Following 3780
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Relevance Person

Charles St. Louis

Charles St. Louis is Chief Operating Officer at Element, Technical Consultant at MakerDAO, Open Finance, Ethereum, Open Source.

Adam Dossa

Head of Technology at Polymath, Founder of Enclaves DEX, Smart Contract Auditor and FinTech / Machine Learning Hacker. Passionate about blockchain technologies and deeply involved in the blockchain community and technology. 13 years experience in technology within the financial sector as a developer, manager and leader. In-depth knowledge of Fixed Income products, including interest rate swaps, path-dependent options, hybrid derivatives, emerging market products and structured notes. Experience across many functional areas of Fixed Income, including risk, pricing, regulatory change, operational processing, settlement, clearing, compression and trade lifecycle. Experience across a wide range of languages and technologies including Solidity, node.js, A+ (APL derivative), C++, Java, Scala, Objective-C / iOS, Python, Perl, Matlab, R, OCAML, SQL, Weka and MQ. Recent masters in Machine Learning from Columbia University (4.0 GPA). Worked at a senior leadership level whilst maintaining a very hands-on approach. Successfully managed a large global development team coordinating across multiple projects and clients. Widely recognised as being a team leader who is reliable, able to drive innovative solutions, deliver individually and within a team, and very focused on execution.

Graeme Moore

Graeme Moore is the Head of Tokenization at Polymesh and was previously the Head of Tokenization and VP of Marketing at Polymath.

Heslin Kim

Heslin Kim is the Chief Growth Officer at Gevulot and was previously Head of Growth and Ecology at Republic Crypto, venture partner at Digital Strategies, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at SupraOracles, and vice president of business development at Polymath. He graduated from the University of Georgia.

Andrew Kiguel

Andrew Kiguel is co-founder and executive chairman of and was previously co-founder and CEO of Hut 8 and also served as managing director of investment banking at GMP Securities.

Daniel Kmak

Daniel Kmak worked in developer relations at LayerZero and previously worked at Energy Web, Polymath, and Nervos Network.

Mawadda Basir

Mawadda Basir is Product Lead at Tea, and was previously founder and CEO of Hunt Analytics and Senior Product Manager at Polymath.