Stephanie Ramezan


Stephanie joined Gemini in March 2021 as the Director of Institutional Business Development and has since become the Head of the UK. She is a financial markets professional and entrepreneur with a strong track record in various commercial and strategic roles. She has been cited as one of the "Most-Influential Women in Blockchain" and nominated for the "Top 100 Women in Tech".

Relevance Person

Cameron Winklevoss

Cameron Winklevoss is the Co-founder and President of Gemini, a next-generation Bitcoin exchange. He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Economics and earned an MBA from Oxford University. In 2008, he represented the United States at the Olympics Games in Beijing, China, where he placed 6th. Since 2003, Cameron has been an angel investor and entrepreneur in emerging technologies. He began participating in the Bitcoin economy through direct investment in 2012.

Fran Kenck

Fran Kenck is the Chief Compliance Officer of IncubEx and has extensive experience working in the financial services industry. She also served as Chief Compliance Officer at Tassat and Chief Regulatory Officer at Gemini. She is a graduate of Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

Adam Spar

Adam Spar is the head of marketing at Gauntlet. He is a graduate of Cornell University, Columbia University and UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Shane Molidor

Shane Molidor was CEO of Business Development at AscendEX, former Global Head of FBG One, which is the client-facing trading division of FBG Capital. FBG One operates an over-the-counter (“OTC”) desk to service clients seeking to trade large quantities of crypto assets, as well as a designated market making program to support token projects following issuance. FBG One trades upwards of $1B per month, and the team consists of over 20 professionals across trading, IT, and business development. Prior to joining FBG One, Mr. Molidor worked in business development at Gemini Trust Company, LLC: a fully regulated New York-based cryptocurrency exchange and custodian founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Mr. Molidor has worked alongside premiere trading institutions, token projects, and regulators in the cryptocurrency ecosystem since 2015. His experience has equipped him with an intimate understanding of exchange infrastructure, custody solutions, evolving regulation, and marketplace dynamics. Mr. Molidor holds a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and also attended The London School of Economics where he studied Economics.

Jared Shaw

Jared Shaw is the chief financial officer of Animoca Brands. He was previously head of finance at emini and also served as a vice president and portfolio manager at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. He is a graduate of New York University's Stern School of Business.

Sachin Ranglani

Sachin Ranlani is vice president and head of India at Gemini and previously worked at Amazon and Uber.

Jeremy Ng

Jeremy Ng is the Co-Founder of OpenEden. Previously, he was the Managing Director and Head of APAC at Gemini. Prior to 2015, Jeremy Ng was employed by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Pravjit Tiwana

Pravjit Tiwana is the former Asia Pacific CEO and Global CTO at Gemini, leading Gemini’s engineering, product, design, customer experience, ML/AI trading, sales and business development functions. Previously, he worked at AWS, Microsoft, and Disney. He graduated from Punjab University.

Lalitha Baskar

Lalitha Baskar is Vice President of Engineering at Gemini. Previously, she was Vice President of Software Engineering at Morgan Stanley, Vice President of Software Engineering at JPMorgan Chase, and Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg.

Saad Ahmed

Saad Ahmed is the Asia-Pacific director of Gemini and a graduate of Harvard Business School and Rochester Institute of Technology.