Michal Ferguson


Michal Ferguson is the chief marketing officer of Fireblocks. He graduated from Northeastern University in the United States and the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

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Michael Shen

Michael Shen is the CEO of Pop Social, having previously held positions at Credit Suisse and Wellington Management. He graduated from Northeastern University in the United States and the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom.

Peter Marton

Peter Marton is the Director of Digital Identity at Fireblocks and was previously the Deputy Director of Virtual Currencies at the New York State Department of Financial Services. He holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Jason P. Allegrante

Jason P. Allegrante is the Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at Fireblocks. He graduated from Columbia University.

Michael G. Levine

Michael G. Levine is CFO of Fireblocks. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Madan Gadde

Madan Gadde is chief customer officer at Fireblocks. He is a graduate of Andhra University.

Gary Malouf

Gary Malouf is the CTO of Algorand. He graduated from Northeastern University and Marist College.

Michael Shaulov

Michael is the CEO and co-founder of Fireblocks, a secure digital asset infrastructure company. Prior to Fireblocks, he co-founded Lacoon Mobile Security, which was acquired by Check Point, and he was then appointed the Head of Products, Mobile and Cloud Security for Check Point. Michael is a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur and investor, as well as a recognized industry speaker, delivering talks at RSA Conference, BlackHat, and Infosec. Before his commercial endeavors, Michael pioneered the mobile security field in an elite military technological unit (8200), for which he received the Israeli Presidential Excellency Honor. He holds a BSc in Computer Sciences and Physics from Ben-Gurion University, Israel.

Stephen Richardson

Stephen Richardson is the Managing Director, Financial Markets & Head of APAC at Fireblocks. He graduated from Cornell University.

Terence Siganakis

Terence Siganakis is the Head of Tokenization Products at Fireblocks, Co-Founder at BlockFold and CEO of Growing Data. He graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Idan Ofrat

Idan brings two decades of experience in software engineering, cyber-security, and product management. Idan was VP R&D and a founding team member at C4 Security, a company that specializes in critical infrastructure protection and was the first to build a SCADA firewall, followed by a successful acquisition by Elbit Systems. Prior to that, Idan served in an elite cybersecurity unit in the Israeli Intelligence, where he led a project that won an Israel Defense Award. Idan is also a big believer in decentralized technologies. He was a co-founder and CTO at Yeloha, a disruptive platform that aimed to decentralize energy trading, and VP of Product at Orbs, a public blockchain for high scale apps. Idan holds a BSc. in Computer Science and Management from Tel Aviv University (Magna Cum Laude).