Matthew Graham

Founder and CEO at Ryze Labs


Matthew Graham is Founder and CEO at Sino Global Capital. Managing General Partner at Liquid Value Capital. Digital Assets, China, Blockchain. Bridging International Technology with Mainland China Strategic Investors and Partners.

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Jon Jones

Jon Jones is the Co-Founder of Supra. He is also involved in web3 venture studio Unitychain, where he co-founded and helped launch several blockchain projects in the region. Previously, he was the president of the Taiwan chapter of the Government Blockchain Association, where he advocated for the strategic advancement of blockchain technology in the government and corporate sector.

Bob Xu

Bob Xu is the founder of Questflow and was previously Director of Product Management for Himalaya. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Johns Hopkins University.

Caoimh Conway

Caoimh Conway is a Research Data Engineer at Polychain Capital and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Data Science. Caoimh previously worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for Falcon Ambulance.

Eduard Kotysh

Eduard Kotysh is Founder, CEO at Solidified. Tech executive working on blockchain security and in my free time doing biomedical research in Genetics. Presented at: - Harvard Business School - TechCrunch - Numerous blockchain conferences - Facebook and Amazon Re:Invent

Yijia Chen

Yijia previously led the backend team of Treelab, a Sequoia-backed Series A company. He is now founding Curio, where he is spearheading the development of a new generation of crypto-powered games with massive social UGC.

Holly Liu

Holly Liu is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at PKO Investments. Formerly, Visiting Partner at Y Combinator, Co-Founder of Kabam. She founded the venture backed mobile gaming company, Kabam in 2006 with UC Berkeley alumni. Her work has contributed to record revenue growth for Kabam year over year from $0 to $400MM annually, that led Kabam into the unicorn club in 2014. She led the design for Kabam’s award-winning "Kingdoms of Camelot" franchise, which has grossed over $250 million in less than four years. She was also the founding mobile designer for extension Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, which was the top grossing app on iOS in 2012. She was Chief Development Officer in charge of developing Kabam internationally through key relationships - starting with China. Among other things, she continues to develop global cultural initiatives within Kabam.

Claire Hough

Claire Hough is Lyte's CTO and previously served as VP of Engineering at Apollo GraphQL. Prior to joining Lyte and Apollo, Claire led all engineering-related efforts for Udemy's corporate geographically distributed teams. Before joining Udemy, she held executive positions at Citrus Lane, NexTag, Napster, and Netscape. Claire has led the delivery of innovative software platforms, infrastructure middleware, tools and applications and has a track record of building and growing strong global teams focused on innovation, quality and customer service. Claire holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and an MS in Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley.

Joshua Wu

Joshua Wu is Founding Engineer at OpenSea, Ex-Facebook, Founded Heaven Zero.

Steve Zhang

Steve Zhang is the Chief Financial Officer of Amber Group.

Alex Leung

Alex Leung is the Co-Founder at OneDegree. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business.