Keelan Miskell

Co-Founder & CPO at Goldlink


Keelan Miskell is the Co-Founder GoldLink. Ex Pinterest. Ex Meta

Relevance Person

Guillermo Angeris

Guillermo is a Stanford lifer (BS, MS, and PhD in Electrical Engineering). He spends most of his work time in a dark corner of a room, figuring out random math problems for fun. He also loves to work with teams to model many of the weird (and fascinating) incentives in DeFi and beyond. Outside of work, Guillermo likes to cook pizza, hike, and have long, silly conversations with friends over wine.

Abhinav Vora

Abhinav Vora is the co-founder and CEO of Hyperline. He was previously the head of engineering at Lyft Pink and a software engineer at Meta and Microsoft. He graduated from RMIT University.

Sahil Thaker

Sahil Thaker is the co-founder of Hyperline and previously worked at Microsoft, Uber, and Meta. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Oakland.

Mind Apivessa

Mind Apivessa is the co-founder of Station Labs, previously held positions at Meta and IBM. He graduated from Cornell University in the United States.

Yurii Kyparus

Yurii Kyparus is the Co-Founder of Wallchain. He has a background of Google and Meta.

Gina Moon

Gina Moon is the General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at OpenSea. Presively she worked at Facebook and Uber. Gina Moon graduated from Columbia Law School.

Sabir Alizada

Sabir Alizada is the Engineering Lead at Trust Machines and was previously a senior Software engineer at WhatsApp and Meta. He graduated from RWTH Aachen University.

Daniel Chavez

Daniel Chavez is Unchained's COO and previously served as the Senior Manager of Global market Operations at Meta. He is a graduate of Pittsburg State University.

Sam Weinberg

Sam Weinberg is the Co-Founder / CEO at GoldLink. Presively, he worked as Software Engineer at dYdX and Bloomberg. Sam Weinberg graduated from University of Pennsylvania.

location tba

location tba is co-founder and engineer of Azuki, ex-Facebook engineer.