Guillermo Angeris

Head of Research at Bain Capital Crypto


Guillermo is a Stanford lifer (BS, MS, and PhD in Electrical Engineering). He spends most of his work time in a dark corner of a room, figuring out random math problems for fun. He also loves to work with teams to model many of the weird (and fascinating) incentives in DeFi and beyond. Outside of work, Guillermo likes to cook pizza, hike, and have long, silly conversations with friends over wine.

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Mandy Campbell

Mandy leads Bain Capital Crypto’s and portfolio marketing efforts across brand, content, events, and communications. Before joining the Bain team, she led Marketing for global crypto exchange Okcoin and managed fast-growing teams at companies like GitHub, Lyft, and Meta. When she’s not helping builders, she’s hiking with her family or searching for carrot cake in the Bay Area.

Theo Diamandis

Theo is pursuing an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science PhD at MIT, where he works on algorithms for and applications of mathematical optimization. These interests inevitably led to him being nerd sniped by Guillermo into working on crypto. When he’s not working on optimization solvers for DeFi-related applications, Theo can be found backpacking or skiing in the California Sierras.

Yuchen J.

Yuchen J. is the co-founder of OpenLayer and previously was a senior software engineer and technical lead at Robinhood. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University.

Luke Tchang

Luke Tchang is the co-founder and CEO of Nocturne and was previously a member of the founding team of Nomad. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Dennis J.H. Won

Dennis is a Technical Partner at L2 Iterative Ventures. Prior to L2 Iterative, Dennis was one of the founding members of Harmony Protocol. He graduated from Stanford University in the United States.

Avichal Garg

Avichal Garg is an entrepreneur and founder of Electric Capital. He was the Director of Product Management at Facebook, where he led the Local product team.

Michael Zhu

Michael Zhu is a research engineer for a16z crypto, writing open-source code in collaboration with the research team and helping portfolio companies on all things smart contract-related. Prior to joining a16z crypto, Michael led protocol development at 0x Labs, architecting smart contracts to facilitate peer-to-peer trading on multiple blockchains. Before that, he was a student at Stanford University, where he received BS and MS degrees in Computer Science.

Sophia Huard

Sophia Huard is Head of Product operations at Opensea and was previously Head of product operations Security and Privacy at Robinhood and a Privacy and security product specialist at Facebook.

Curtis Spencer

Curtis Spencer is a co-founder of Electric Capital, having previously co-founded Spool, a mobile content caching startup with Avichal Garg, which was acquired by Meta.

Tom Schmidt

Tom Schmidt is a Partner at Dragonfly Capital. Previously, he was a Product at 0x Project, a Product Manager for Ads at Facebook and Instagram, and an Engineer at Apple and Stanford CS.