Jack Lu

Jack Lu


Jack Lu is the Co-Founder and CEO of Magic Eden. He is of Chinese descent and is from Australia.

Relevance Person

Ronny Conway

Ronny Conway is the Founder & General Partner at A.Capital. Prior to starting A.Capital, Ronny was one of the first Partners at Andreessen Horowitz, where he was the head of seed and early-stage investing and was involved in such high profile investments as Airbnb, Instagram, Optimizely, Pinterest, Dollar Shave Club and Twitter. Before a16z, Ronny spent six years at Google, and was one of the first employees at Google Ventures. Ronny has spent most of his life around venture capital, and received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA.

Arran Schlosberg

Arran Schlosberg was the VP of Engineering at Proof Holdings. Presively, he worked at HealthMatch and Google. Arran Schlosberg graduated from University of Sydney and University of Cambridge.

York Zhu

Yuhe Zhu is a senior investment analyst at BAI Capital and head of investment at Generative Ventures, and previously worked at Yinuo Angel Fund.

Yurii Kyparus

Yurii Kyparus is the Co-Founder of Wallchain. He has a background of Google and Meta.

Stephen Tse

Stephen Tse is the Founder and CEO of Harmony. He sold one of his startups to Apple and worked on infrastructure projects at Google. Stephen has raised $18 million in seed round funding and built a top-level engineering team to develop the next generation of high-performance blockchain protocols.

Michelle Latzer

Michelle Latzer is the Co-Founder & CEO of Tweed. Previously, she worked in Google's tech infrastructure. Michelle Latzer graduated from Columbia University.

Jackie Bona

Jackie Bona is the CEO of Valora, a mobile-first crypto wallet whose mission is to unlock access to financial opportunity for people around the world. She has spent the last 15 years of her career in product marketing and GTM leadership roles at various global technology companies such as Spotify, Twitter, and Google. Jackie is passionate about financial inclusion and believes that blockchain technology has the potential to provide new economic opportunities to those who would not typically have access.

Justin Jow

Justin Jow is the VP Finance at OpenSea.He is ex Uber, Google. He graduated from Harvard University and MIT-Sloan School.

Yuan Sun

Yuan Sun is a co-founder of Nest Wallet and was previously a data scientist at LinkedIn and Google. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and Northwestern University.

Mike Belshe

Mike Belshe is the co-founder and CEO of BitGo. He previously created the world's first multi-signature web wallet for Bitcoin, and was one of the top 10 engineers on the Google Chrome team.