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Francesco Renzi

CEO & Co-Founder at Superfluid


Francesco George Renzi is the CEO and co-founder of Superfluid, a company that aims to change the way people experience money. He has a background in decentralized finance and open-source projects and is a leader in the industry, having worked with numerous companies including RGIT Australia, CRIP.TO OÜ, and Francesco graduated from the University of Salamanca and the University of Milan.


Seed $ 45 M $ 4 M
Jul 14, 2022
Series A -- $ 26 M
Jun 15, 2022

0xFran.eth/.lens (🌊,💰) 🫂 - Tokyo🗼

Influence Index 528
Followers 5.44 K
Following 4683
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Michele D'Aliessi

Michele D'Aliessi is Co-Founder, COO at Superfluid, Building Real-time Finance. In Blockchain since 2015, studying tokenomics and crypto networks activity/adoption, especially token value generation, capture and retention for long term sustainability and growth. Now building real-time finance at Superfluid. Michele has 8+ years experience in working with tech startup entrepreneurs to expand their business internationally and scale their operations/sales. In 2015 he successfully launched the new robotic bar MakrShakr worldwide, negotiated and closed the first sales contracts with Fortune 500 corporations, while setting up and managing global operations and sales. In 2013 and 2014 Michele produced two startups documentaries on YouTube that collectively reached millions of viewers with pure organic growth. His combined tech and business background allows Michele to develop structured and measurable approaches in studying, designing and optimising processes. He is an experienced public speaker and lecturer in technology and entrepreneurship at several business schools. Areas of interest/expertise: Startups, Blockchain, Token Economics, Fintech, Robotics, AI.

Vijay Michalik

Vijay Michalik is the Head of product at Superfluid, and previously he was a senior Product Manager for protocols at ConsenSys. He graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London.

ZhiCheng Miao

ZhiCheng Miao is Co-Founder and CTO at Superfluid. Reimagine real-time finance. Building decentralized future at DECENTRAL.EE. He is a convert to the vision of a better world where the spread of information, social organization and the way we construct systems, are all enhanced and optimized through decentralization. Having worked in the software industry for more than 10 years in Skype, Microsoft, Twilio etc., Miao has the knowledge to build decentralized software systems. With the rise of Blockchain, IoT, AI, etc., Miao believes the time is ripe for his vision of a decentralized world to be put further into effect through technologies.