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Dennis Liu

General Partner at Momentum 6


Dennis Liu is a General Partner at Momentum 6 and was previously a full stack blockchain developer at StreamingFast. He graduated from McGill University.

Education Experience


-- -- $ 15 M
Jul 12
-- -- --
Apr 17
-- -- $ 10 M
Apr 15
Seed -- --
Apr 11
Strategic -- $ 3 M
Apr 03
Strategic -- $ 2 M
Mar 22
Pre-Seed -- --
Mar 12
Strategic -- $ 3 M
Mar 03
Followers 105.72 K
Following 4260
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Relevance Person

Vasilia Kratsios

Vasilia Kratsios is Head of Partnerships at Integral and previously worked at Citibank. She graduated from McGill University in Canada.

Alexandre Bourget

Alexandre Bourget is Co-Founder and CTO at StreamingFast. He lives through technology. He wrote his first botnet at 12, later graduated in classical piano, and went on to a prolific career in software engineering, with notable open source contributions. Alexandre co-founded two startups, including Bitcredits (a bitcoin payments processor, FounderFuel 2014 Spring Cohort). He then helped PasswordBox(acquired by Intel) craft their data stack and ended up as a lead Data Scientist in the Intel Security Consumer division. Today, Alexandre is very active in the blockchain space, advising several early stage companies. Alexandre taught programming for many years. He does live-coding presentations like no one else (Confoo, PyCon conferences) and is the lead organizer of Golang Montréal. You’ll often find him on Telegram, working through lines of code and bugs with others, doing what he can to help build the EOS community. I love automation and automate anything I repeat for the third time. I manage Kubernetes clusters, can't live without continuous deployment, A/B testing and feature switches. I don't do what machines can do.

Jelani Clarke

Jelani Clarke is the executive director of DeSciWorld. He graduated from McGill University in Canada.

Rochelle Guillou

Rochelle Guillou is Head of Content marketing at XMTP and was previously a market researcher at Flipside Crypto and community Project manager at Algorand.

Heather Davidson

Heather Davidson is a former Director of Operations at ETHGlobal and a former contributor to Zeitgeist.

Matthew Finestone

Matthew Finestone is the Co-Founder at Taiko. He used to worked as Head of Business at Loopring.

Peng Jia

Peng Jia is CTO of Nimble Network and previously worked at Apple. He graduated from Stanford University, McGill University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Marc-Antoine Ross

Marc-Antoine Ross is the co-founder and CEO of dfuse, a blockchain API company. He has founded and operated several companies and provided consulting, investment, and M&A services to other companies. He assembled an exceptional team and launched dfuse, a blockchain API company, in 2018.

Annika Lewis

Annika Lewis is the Executive Director of Eco Association, and previously she was the grant Program leader for Gitcoin. He graduated from McGill University in Canada.

Ernest Oppetit

Ernest Oppetit is the co-founder and chief Product Officer at Kiln, having previously worked as a product manager at Improbable. He graduated from McGill University in Canada and Durham University in the United Kingdom.