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Ciaran Cronin

COO at Pyth Network


Ciaran Cronin is COO of Douro Labs, the developer of the Pyth network, and previously worked at Jump Trading. He holds an MA in Financial Economics from University College Cork.

Relevance Person

Ray S.

Ray is the founder of aPriori, was previously a Pyth Network contributor, and worked at Jump Trading, Jump Crypto, and Flow Traders.

Michael Cahill

Michael Cahill is the CEO at Pyth. Presively he worked as Special projects at Jump Crypto.

James Hunsaker

James Hunsaker is the co-founder of Monad Labs, previously he was a senior software engineer at Jump Trading, and he graduated from the University of Iowa.

Jayant Krishnamurthy

Jayant Krishnamurthy is the CTO of Pyth development company Douro Labs and a software engineer at Jump Trading. He holds a PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Chase Lochmiller

Chase is an avid tech enthusiast passionate about enabling new technologies such as AI and blockchain to positively impact people's lives. Before founding Crusoe, Chase was a General Partner at Polychain Capital, a $1Bn fund investing in blockchain technologies, digital assets, and energy-intensive computing applications. Chase was formerly a quantitative researcher and trader at Jump Trading and GETCO, where he developed and managed a portfolio of algorithmic trading strategies. Chase holds undergraduate degrees in mathematics and physics from MIT and a master's degree in computer science from Stanford, where he specialized in artificial intelligence. As a personal interest, Chase has climbed five of the "seven summits" including Mount Everest.

Anthony Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez is Wormhole COO and previously worked at Jump Trading. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Haden Patrick

Haden Patrick is the Director of Business Operations at Cordial Systems and previously was a technical project manager at Jump Trading. He is a graduate of Rutgers Business School, the U.S. Naval War College, and the University of Virginia.

Mark Clerkin

Mark Clerkin is head of business development and partnerships at Selini Capital and previously served as global Head of Digital markets at Menai Financial Group and head of trading at CoinList. He is a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington.

Kanav Kariya

Kanav Kariya is the former President of Jump Crypto and was previously Director of Digital Asset Strategic Initiatives at Jump Trading. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Keone Hon

Keone is a software developer and blockchain researcher. Prior to joining Monad, he spent eight years at Jump Trading, where he led an HFT team. In 2021, Keone joined Jump's crypto division and led a team of engineers focused on blockchain research and DAPP development. He graduated from MIT.