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Chen Li

CEO and Founder at Youbi Capital


Youbi Capital's CEO and Founder is Chen Li. He is an award-winning scientist and early Bitcoin miner from China, who became an early investor and market insider in the crypto space. With his technical background, he is an expert at assessing the technical validity of innovative protocols and is also a key industry leader in predicting market trends.

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Jims Young

Jims Young is an Investment manager at Youbi Capital and was previously an investment analyst at Source Code Capital and a strategy Analyst at Alibaba Group. He graduated from Tongji University.

Ivo Entchev

Ivo Entchev is the Partner at Youbi Capital. He post about web3 venture, policy & law.

Li Gong

Li Gong is the Managing Partner of Youbi Capital and Global Investment Advisor of HashKey Capital. She has been an investor since 2017 and screens over 300 projects annually. She has overseen more than 200 investments in both funds and works closely with blockchain startups on fundraising and partnership. Her expertise and network in the cryptospace give her a unique and first-hand insight into the market trends.

Hyejin Lee

Hyejin Lee is the Managing Partner of Youbi Capital and a former banker at JP Morgan. HJ is a seasoned crypto investor who has invested in major blockchain projects such as Algorand, Avalanche, PolkaDot, and Flow. She has also invested in Debank, YGG, and Mask in the DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi spaces. HJ is a true believer in helping to build the web 3.0 infrastructure for the next generation.

Crystal Bai

Crystal Bai is a Venture Partner at Youbi Capital, with a background in Business and Marketing. Early in her career, Crystal led some of the largest marketing campaigns at Fortune 300 companies. In 2021, she founded the blockchain marketing studio Nolita Media, providing innovative projects with customized storytelling on platforms such as the Wall Street Journal, CoinDesk, Business Insider, Cointelegraph, and more.