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Amir Haleem

Founder at Helium


Amir Haleem is the founder of Helium and CEO of Helium Mobile, and prior to that, he was co-founder and CTO of Diversion.


Angel -- $ 1 M
Jun 25
-- -- $ 18 M
Apr 05, 2022
-- -- $ 9 M
Feb 17, 2022

amir ☁️🪿🥚

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Relevance Person

Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen is vice President of Engineering at Helium and was previously a senior Software Engineer at Munchery. He graduated from Northwestern University.

Abhay Kumar

Abhay Kumar is the CEO of the Helium Foundation and was previously the Chief Product Officer at Nova Labs and an engineer at Microsoft. He graduated from New York University.

Coco Tang

Coco Tang, Director of Product at Helium. Software and hardware Product Manager, bringing concepts to market with strengths in requirements gathering, wireframes, and high-fidelity designs for web apps and mobile platforms.

Frank Mong

Frank Mong is Chief Operating Officer at Nova Labs / Helium. With over 20 years of technology industry experience, Frank is leading the global go to market organization at Helium Inc. Frank joined Helium from Palo Alto Networks, where he led all product, industry and solutions marketing. Prior to Palo Alto Networks, Frank was VP/GM at HP enterprise security products where he led go-to-market.

Scott Sigel

Scott Sigel is the COO of the Helium Foundation and previously served as a strategic advisor to Arweave and Solana. He is a graduate of George Washington University.

Alexander Coffman

Alexander Coffman is the former head of business Development at DFlow, having previously worked at Helium and Meta. He graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia and the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Brandyn Bissinger

Brandyn Bissinger is the Global Head of Communications at Noom and previously was the Global Head of marketing and Communications at the Helium Foundation. She graduated from Temple University.

Chris Bruce

Chris Bruce is the Founder & CEO of BlockJoy and ex-VP of Product & Technology at Helium. He is an experienced founder with the ability to lead both product and engineering. He is a Lean Entrepreneur, Software/Hardware Hacker, Product/UX Lover, and Machine Learning Enthusiast.

Yuan Gao

Yuan Gao is the head of Growth at the Helium Foundation and previously served as NEO's head of marketing. He graduated from Columbia University, Nanjing University and the University of Georgia.

Joshua Kershner

Joshua Kershner is the Chief legal Officer of the Helium Foundation and previously was Pylons' general counsel. He is a graduate of Cardozo Law School and Case Western Reserve University.