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Alvin Hung

Co-founder of Crypto Wesearch


Alvin Hung is co-founder of Crypto Wesearch and previously worked at Perpetual Protocol, Matrixport and OKX. He graduated from National Chengchi University in Taiwan.

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Andy Cheung

Andy Cheung is the founder of and was previously COO of OKX, CEO of Groupon, and Sales Operations Manager of Alibaba.

Chen (Sarah) Q.

Chen (Sarah) Q. is the Head Of Research at Impossible Finance, Trader at Matrixport and Product and Strategy at

Jason Wang

Jason Wang is the head of OKX Web3 wallet. He was previously the product manager of Sina.

Ross Gan

Ross Gan is the Head of Public Relations & Brand at Matrixport. Presively he was Director, Community Stewardship at Temasek. Worldwide Head, Corporate Communications at Huawei Technologies.

Chiam Tat Ang

Chiam Tat Ang is the Head of Treasury at Matrixport. Presively he worked at Standard Chartered Bank, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley. Chiam graduated from Graduated from Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Joey Ni

Joey Ni is the Core Contributors at KiloEx and has previously served as a Senior Business Development Manager for OKX and Phemex.

Lennix Lai

Lennix Lai is the chief commercial officer of OKX. He joined OKX in 2017 and previously worked for JP Morgan Chase, AIG and Celestial Financial Services Group.

Mandy Campbell

Mandy leads Bain Capital Crypto’s and portfolio marketing efforts across brand, content, events, and communications. Before joining the Bain team, she led Marketing for global crypto exchange Okcoin and managed fast-growing teams at companies like GitHub, Lyft, and Meta. When she’s not helping builders, she’s hiking with her family or searching for carrot cake in the Bay Area.

Nathan Zou

Nathan Zou is vice President of product at Trust Wallet and was previously head of Web3 product at OKX. He also worked at PayPal and Ant Group. He has a master's degree in electrical engineering from the University at Buffalo.

Patrick Donegan

Patrick Donegan is the former Global Chief Compliance Officer of OKX.