DeSci、Medical health
Medical data donation system
Infra、Layer1、Medical health
--On-chain health data ecosystem
Social、Medical health
--Wellness 3.0 Powered by Blockchain & AI
Medical health
--Web3 healthcare information platform
DeSci、Medical health
--Healthcare solutions
DeSci、DAO、Medical health
--New Biotech Companies Using Cryptocurrencies
DeSci、Medical health
Decentralization Medical and Bioinformatics Services & Data
Data Market、Medical health
Genomic and health data marketplace powered by AI, blockchain
Infra、Medical health
--Digital Healthcare Solutions
Medical health
--The next generation medical finance blockchain
Medical health
--Connected health & wellbeing wearable
DeSci、DAO、Medical health
--Biotech DAO
Medical health
--Decentralized healthcare networks
Infra、Enterprise Blockchain、Medical health
--Blockchain Health Data Network
Medical health
--Blockchain-based platform for managing healthcare data
Medical health
--HealthCare data system
DeSci、Medical health
--Open source medical research protocol
IOT、Data Market、Medical health
--Optimize your health and earn rewards
Medical health
--A telehealth platform
Medical health
--Healthcare Blockchain Ecosystem that connects hospitals
DeSci、AI、Medical health
--AI-based Web3 genomic DID platform
Medical health
Health and Wellness Platform
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