Inclusive cryptocurrency network


Worldcoin is a new global cryptocurrency aiming to become the largest and most inclusive cryptocurrency network in the world by giving Worldcoin to everyone for free. Worldcoin has built a device called the Orb, which captures an image of a person's eyes and converts it into a short numeric code, making it possible to check if the person has already signed up. If not, they will receive their free share of Worldcoin. The original image will not need to be stored or uploaded.

Token Info

Worldcoin Price (WLD)


Circulating supply:

121,200,450.067 WLD

Total supply:

10,000,000,000 WLD

Circulating Market Cap:

$ 303,166,963.001

Fully Diluted Valuation:

$ 25,013,682,938.69

Significant Events


Worldcoin raised $ 115 M in Series C round


Worldcoin raised $ 100 M in funding round


Worldcoin raised $ 25 M in funding round

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