Ribbon Finance


Crypto structured products for DeFi


Ribbon Finance is a protocol that helps users access crypto-structured products for DeFi. It combines options, futures, and fixed income to improve a portfolio's risk-return profile. It helps users create exposure to expert, complicated financial strategies and makes it easier for retail investors to benefit from the complicated world of crypto derivatives.

Token Info

Ribbon Finance Price (RBN)


Circulating supply:

537,093,440.461 RBN

Total supply:

1,000,000,000 RBN

Circulating Market Cap:

$ 86,702,309.877

Fully Diluted Valuation:

$ 161,428,726.07

Significant Events


Ribbon Finance raised $ 8.75 M in Series B round


Ribbon Finance completed a Seed round


Ribbon Finance was live on mainnet

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