Cross-chain protocol


Polkadot is a cross-chain protocol designed to connect and secure different blockchains. It provides interconnectivity and interoperability between them, enabling independent chains to securely exchange messages and perform transactions without relying on a trusted third-party. This allows for cross-chain transfers of data or assets between different blockchains, as well as the development of cross-chain DApps (decentralized applications) using the Polkadot Network. The Web3 Foundation is responsible for building Polkadot.

Token Info

Polkadot Price (DOT)


Circulating supply:

1,254,897,729.898 DOT

Total supply:

1,387,158,231.607 DOT

Circulating Market Cap:

$ 8,446,606,102.694

Fully Diluted Valuation:

$ 9,336,839,891.68

Significant Events


Polkadot raised $ 43.3 M in funding round


Polkadot raised $ 140 M through ICO

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