Bribe Protocol



Decentralized governance voter incentive protocol


Bribe Protocol is a decentralized governance (dGov) voter incentive protocol that pays token holders to govern. Token holders (voters) can deposit their governance tokens into Bribe pools with proposals of their choice. Bidders are then able to bid, in an auction-style process, for access to the aggregate governance power staked in these pools. By doing so, voters are rewarded for their participation in governance, and incentivized stakeholders are able to access voting power to help protect the efficacy of the protocols. Bribe Protocol places an economic value on different protocol proposals and effectively creates markets for dGov proposals. It was incubated by Composable Labs and Advanced Blockchain AG.

Token Info

Bribe Protocol Price (BRIBE)


Circulating supply:


Total supply:

100,000,000 BRIBE

Circulating Market Cap:

$ --

Fully Diluted Valuation:

$ 4,701,240.79

Significant Events


Bribe Protocol raised $ 1.52 M through IDO


Bribe Protocol raised $ 4 M in Seed round

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