APWine Finance


The yield derivatives marketplace


APWine is a protocol for future yield tokenisation.DeFi users can deposit their interest bearing tokens of other protocols during defined future periods and trade in advance the future yield that their funds will generate. APWine works by placing Interest Bearing Tokens (IBT) or any yield-bearing asset for a fixed duration of time in a smart contract and issuing Future Yield Tokens (FYT) in return. The yield generated by these assets is directly received by the smart contract, and only the holder of the FYTs can redeem the corresponding underlying yield at the end of the period.As FYTs are regular ERC20 tokens, they can be freely traded, opening up a new market for future yield.

Token Info

APWine Finance Price (APW)


Circulating supply:


Total supply:


Circulating Market Cap:

$ --

Fully Diluted Valuation:

$ 12,398,794.33

Significant Events


APWine Finance raised $ 2.6 M in Seed Plus round


APWine Finance was live on mainnet


APWine Finance raised $ 5.1 M through IDO


APWine Finance raised $ 1 M in Seed round

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