Charlie Yechuan Hu


Charlie Yechuan Hu is the Managing Partner of LucidBlue Ventures. He also is the Ecosystem Growth Advisor, Head of APAC at Syscoin. Presively, Charlie Yechuan Hu Polygon worked as BD and Marketing at Polygon & Tezos.

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Charlie Yechuan Hu

Charlie Yechuan Hu is the co-founder of Bitlayer, previously he was a managing Partner at LucidBlue Ventures, he also worked on Polygon, Tezos, Polkadot and other projects. He is a graduate of Nyhierad Business University and Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Arpit Sharma

Arpit Sharma is the Managing Director, Middle East, India, South East Asia at NEAR Foundation. Presively he was the Vice President, Global Enterprises, APAC at Polygon Technology.

Amanda Jacobsen

Amanda Tyler is the Head of Marketing for Optimism and was previously the Director of Community for Polygon and Manager of Developer Relations at Google.

Kathleen Chu

Kathleen Chu is Head of marketing communications at Avail, and previously she was Head of Communications at Polygon and Head of Japan at MakerDAO. She is a graduate of Baruch College.

Rebecca Rettig

Rebecca Rettig is Chief Legal and Policy Officer at Polygon and was previously general counsel at Aave Companies. She also works with policymakers around the world on regulatory matters related to decentralized finance (" DeFi ") and crypto assets.

Joe Hamade

Joe Hamade is the VP of Finance at Polygon. He graduated from Wayne State University.

Penny Wang

Penny Wang is co-founder and COO of DoraHacks.

David Silverman

David Silverman is the VP of Product at Polygon Labs.

Steve Ngok

Steve Ngok is a partner at Dora Factory and a partner at DoraHacks.

Young Ko

Young Ko is the former chief financial officer of Polygon. He holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Pennsylvania State University.