Andrew Zhang

CTO at New Huo Tech


Andrew Zhang is the CTO at New Huo Technology. As a senior technical expert, Andrew has worked at Alibaba and Ant Group for nearly 10 years, specializing in designing high-performance and highly available distributed systems. Graduated from the School of Computer Science and Technology of Harbin Institute of Technology with a master's degree.

Relevance Person

Andy Cheung

Andy Cheung is the founder of and was previously COO of OKX, CEO of Groupon, and Sales Operations Manager of Alibaba.

Vance Gong

Vance Gong is the Founder & CEO of MAY.Social. He graduated from the University of London in the UK and holds an MBA degree from Peking University.

Jason Fung

Jason Fung is the CEO of Meta0 and the former Global Head of Gaming at TikTok.

Nathan Zou

Nathan Zou is vice President of product at Trust Wallet and was previously head of Web3 product at OKX. He also worked at PayPal and Ant Group. He has a master's degree in electrical engineering from the University at Buffalo.

Jiu Zi

Jiu Zi is the chief technology officer of Rangers Protocol and a former senior software development engineer at Huawei. He holds a master's degree in computer science from Southeast University.

David Du

David Du is the co-founder and CTO of EigenPhi and previously served as R&D Director at Huobi. He holds a master's degree in software engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology.

Alex Shek

Alex Shek is the chief operating officer of Bitkeep. He was previously the vice president of AAX.COM Asia Pacific, the chief operating officer of, and the head of Alibaba’s O2O business unit. He graduated from Beijing Normal University.

Michael Gan

Michael Gan is the Founder & CEO of Kucoin. He is a former technical expert of Ant Financial of Alibaba Group, a veteran of financial solutions, and a senior partner of Internet giants such as MikeCRM, KF5.COM, etc. He is a tech enthusiast and was among the first batch of users in NetEase's 1998 free personal site hosting service.

Vien Li

Vien Li is the founder and CEO of Aria, the former Head of BU Product at Tencent and Shanda Games, and the former general manager of Alibaba Group's games division.

Peet Chen

Peet is the co-founder and CEO of Trusta Labs, ex-Vice President of Digital Technology Division at Ant Group, ex-General Manager of ZOLOZ.