Lending、Reputation System
Programmable creditworthiness ecosystem
Infra、Reputation System、DID
Decentralized reputation protocol
Infra、Reputation System、DID
Decentralized storage-featured Web 3.0 identifier
Reputation System
--Reputation infrastructure
Reputation System、DAO Solutions
Reputations platform for governance
Reputation System、Digital Credentials、CyberConnect Ecosystem
The Web3 Credential Protocol
Reputation System
--Decentralized credibility scoring provider
Reputation System
Contributor recognition platform that integrates POAP issuance into GitHub
DeFi、Lending、Reputation System、Credit Lending
Onchain Credit for Under-Collateralized Loans
Reputation System、DID
Identity Passports for Metaverse and Web 3.0
Reputation System
Web 3.0 credit score protocol
Reputation System、DID
--On-chain reputation & rewards for Web3
Reputation System
--Portable Reputation Solution
Games、Reputation System、DID
--GameID Protocol Based On Chain Behavior
Reputation System、Recruitment Solutions
Web3 BUIDL network
Reputation System、DID
--On-chain reputation protocol
Infra、Reputation System、DID
Adding reputation to anonymous wallet addresses
Reputation System、SocialFi
Decentralized Reputation System built on Near
DeFi、Reputation System
Decentralized credit scoring protocol
Reputation System、Task Platform
--Protocol for Web3 Orgs and Dapps to build Composable Identity Systems
Reputation System、Digital Credentials
Reputation and trust minting protocol
Data & Analysis、Reputation System
--User Validated Reputation Platform
Reputation System、DID、Digital Credentials
Helps communities manage members and their contributions through on-chain credentials
Social、Reputation System、Social Graph
--Decentralized social media protocol
Restaking、DeFi、Reputation System
--Decentralized Reputation Layer with Restaking Yield
DeFi、Lending、Reputation System、Credit Lending
Fractional-algorithmically undercollateralized liqudity market protocol
Reputation System
The infrastructure of the Decentralized Credit System
Reputation System
Web3 wallet scoring and reputation protocol
Reputation System
Reputation layer for the entire Metaverse
Reputation System、DID
--Web3 reputation aggregator
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