DeFi、Infra、Layer1、Lending、RWA、Polkadot Parachain
The on-chain ecosystem for structured credit
Infra、Layer1、Polkadot Parachain、Altchain EVM
Multi-chain smart contract platform
DeFi、Lending、Layer3、Polkadot Parachain
DeFi super DApp protocol
DeFi、Infra、Layer1、Polkadot Parachain
Decentralized finance network
Infra、Layer1、DID、Polkadot Parachain
Decentralized identity aggregator
Storage Network、Polkadot Parachain
Decentralized cloud storage provider
Infra、Layer1、Privacy、Polkadot Parachain
--Public blockchain with enhanced privacy
NFT、Infra、Layer1、Polkadot Parachain
Infrastructure for the next generation of NFTs
NFT、Infra、Layer1、Polkadot Parachain
Lext-generation blockchain for digital assets
Infra、Layer1、Polkadot Parachain
One-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain
Infra、Layer1、Polkadot Parachain、Altchain EVM
Etheruem-compatible smart contract platform
DeFi、LSD、Polkadot Parachain
Decentralized derivatives protocol
Infra、Polkadot Parachain、Knowledge Graph
Decentralized knowledge graph️
Infra、Layer2、Polkadot Parachain
Layer-2 blockchain protocol
Infra、Layer1、AI、Polkadot Parachain
Blockchain-based machine learning network
Infra、Layer1、RWA、Polkadot Parachain
The blockchain ecosystem for real-world assets
Infra、Layer1、DID、Polkadot Parachain
Blockchain identity protocol
Infra、Gaming Solutions、Polkadot Parachain
Decentralized gaming platform
DeFi、Infra、Layer1、Polkadot Parachain
 The interoperable infrastructure for Modular DeFi
Infra、Appchain、Polkadot Parachain
The Web 3.0 hub for automated Defi and payment
Infra、Layer1、Creator Economy、Polkadot Parachain
Monetization Protocols for the Creator Economy
Infra、Layer1、Polkadot Parachain
Blockchain connecting Fiat and DeFi
Infra、Metaverse、Polkadot Parachain
Decentralized Metaverse-as-a-Service
DeFi、Infra、Layer1、Lending、Polkadot Parachain
Decentralized and Interoperable Currency Market
Infra、Layer1、Oracle、Polkadot Parachain
The Layer-1 Data Infrastructure
DeFi、DEX、Polkadot Parachain
Decentralized Exchange
Infra、Layer1、DEX、Polkadot Parachain
Cross-chain liquidity protocol
Infra、Layer1、IOT、DePIN、Polkadot Parachain、Decentralized Wireless
Decentralized wireless network
Polkadot Parachain
Decentralised p2p accounting protocol
Infra、Layer1、Polkadot Parachain
Web 3.0 tool and protocol for NFT 2.0 utility
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